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Vol 07 / Issue 02 / Apr-Sept 2018

Vol 07 / Issue 02 / Apr-Sept 2018 (Half Yearly) / ISSN 2277-727X                                                                                                                  

Total Research Papers : 10

Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

  Table of Contents……[Full Text PDF]

Effectiveness of Computer Assisted and Activity Oriented Instructional Strategies on Achievement in Science….Page.No-01-06

Puneet Kumar [Full Text PDF]

2 A Study of Mental Health of Adolescents in Relation to School Climate….Page.No-07-12

Puneet Kumar [Full Text PDF]

3 Redefining the Role of LIS Professionals in Digital environment….Page.No-13-17

Govind D. Adhe[Full Text PDF]

4 Content Analysis Study of University Library Websites in Maharashtra….Page.No-18-24

Madansing D. Golwal [Full Text PDF]

5 User Education to Information Literacy: Changing Role of LIS Professionals….Page.No-25-29

Garad Madhukar D. [Full Text PDF]

6 Digital Preservation of Library Resources: Challenges and Problems….Page.No-30-32

Garad Madhukar D, Govind D. Adhe [Full Text PDF]

7 Role of Cloud Computing in Libraries….Page.No-33-37

Govind D. Adhe, Garad Madhukar D[Full Text PDF]


Factors impacting the Customer Relationship Management – A study w.r.t. private sector Banks in Bengaluru….Page.No-38-47

 N. K. Sathya Pal Sharma [Full Text PDF]


Varishth Madhyamik Star Ke Kala, Vidnyan Vanijya Varg Ke Chhatr-Chhatrao Ki Abhivrutti Ka Unake Akanksha Star Par Prabhav Ka Adhyayan….Page.No-48-55

 Sneh Lata[Full Text PDF]

10 Sahitya aani Chitrapat….Page.No-56-59

Prasad Ravindra Thakur [Full Text PDF]

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