Jun 25

Vol I / Issue I / Jan-Feb-Mar2012

Vol I / Issue I / Jan-Feb-Mar2012   ISSN 2277-727X

Total Research Papers: 17

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Editorial————–[Full Text PDF]


Contemporary Management Education: A Critical Review….Page.No-01-04

Mr.Mujtaba M. Momin [Full Text PDF]

2 Renewable EnergyBy Tidal Wave: An Overview….Page.No-05-15

Dr. Valsson Varghese, Prof. A.M.Badar, Prof. R.V.R.K.Prasad, Mrs.S.Valsson [Full Text PDF]

3 Effects of detergents on histology of ovary of female fish Poecilia reticulataCollected from two lakes of Buldana City….Page.No-16-20

Dr. Kakde V.R. [Full Text PDF]

4 Matrix Converter : An Understanding (A modular approach to design a converter suitable for variable frequency power supply applications)….Page.No- 21-29

G.N.Surya, Prof.S.Dutt, Dr.ValssonVarghese [Full Text PDF]

5 Induction of Chlorophyll Mutations in Trigonella foenum – graecum Linn….Page.No- 30-36

Asst.Prof. P. N. Nasare [Full Text PDF]

6 Cognitive Science: Fundamental Foundation Of Mental Process….Page.No-37-41

Dr.Hiremath Sunita G. [Full Text PDF]

7 A Study Of The Professional Development Among Primary And Secondary School Level Teachers….Page.No- 42-48

Dr. Shankar Dhanwade [Full Text PDF]

8 A Study On Pricing And Promotional Strategy Of  Rayat Sevak Co-Operative Bank Satara, Maharashtra….Page.No- 49-57

Dr. Sawant Vitthal Kundalika [Full Text PDF]

9 Implementation Of ICDS: A Study Of  Selected Anganwadis In Sangli City In Maharashtra….Page.No- 58-64

Prof .Ashok G. Jadhav [Full Text PDF]

10 The Sociology of Literature: A Study of George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London….Page.No- 65-72

Mr. Arun Murlidhar Jadhav [Full Text PDF]

11 Impact Of Rural Workforce On Total Income–A Spatial Temporal Analysis Of Solapur District….Page.No- 73-83

Asst.Prof. Kade P.S, Asst.Prof. Sarwade G.M [Full Text PDF]

12 Using Blogs For Teaching Learning Process….Page.No- 84-88

Asst.Prof. Ubale Amol Baban [Full Text PDF]

13 Internet Aaur Hindi Bhasha Ki Bhumika….Page.No- 89-90

Prof Baban Damodar Sadamate [Full Text PDF]

14 Marathi Bhasha Aavhane Aani Upay….Page.No- 91-99

Prof. Dr.Mahesh B Nikam [Full Text PDF]

15 Krushi Karjmafi V Karj Paratfed Sawalat Yojnecha Sansthana Zalela Labh….Page.No- 100-104

Prof.Ghadage  J S [Full Text PDF]

16 E-Learning: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for Educational Professionals….Page.No-105-108

Prof. Smt. S. B. Khamkar,  Prof. B. D. Khamkar [Full Text PDF]

17  Urbanization And Economic Development In India….Page.No- 109-113

Dr. Kamble P.S, Mr. Babar Pravin Gulabrao [Full Text PDF]