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Vol II / Issue III / July-Aug-Sept.2013

Vol II / Issue III / July-Aug-Sept.2013 / ISSN 2277-727X                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers : 34

Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

1 Advanced Façade Systems in Tirana, Albania during the Period 2001 till now….Page.No-01-16

Endrit Tuzi, Arvjen Lushaj, Arnisa Lushaj, Bashkim Lushaj [Full Text PDF]

2 Biodiversity conservation and sustainable development of ecotourism in Lalzi Bay, Durres County, Albania ….Page.No-17-54

Arvjen Lushaj,Arnisa Lushaj,Georgia Butina-Watson, Bashkim Lushaj, Sunitha N. Seenappa,Vera Malsia, Dodë Doçi, Mercedes Hunt [Full Text PDF]

3 Revamping Rituals and Ceremonies in the North-East: A Study on their Eco-Tourism Potentials….Page.No-55-59

Indrajit Kalita, Prasanta Saikia [Full Text PDF]

4 An Analytical Study of Housing Finance in India with special reference to HDFC and LIC Housing Finance Ltd….Page.No-60-77

Priyanka Saroha, S.K.S. Yadav [Full Text PDF]

5 Human Resource Branding- It’s Analytical Study on the Indian Organizations….Page.No- 78-81

Arun H. Gaikwad [Full Text PDF]

6 Study of Effect of Total Quality Management on organization Performance in Iran –Tejarat Banks 24 hours E-branches….Page.No- 82-92

Majid Fattahi, Mohammad Javad Azizi Sorkhani, Hedieh Divsalar [Full Text PDF]

7 Rural Development and Economics Development Is Ethics of Rural Economics….Page.No- 93-98

Kamal Talukdar [Full Text PDF]

8 10 Weeks of Football Practice’s Effect on Body Composition and Some Anthropometric Parameters in Children….Page.No-99-105

Ismail GOKHAN, Yakup AKTAS, Recep KURKCU [Full Text PDF]

9 Relationship of Explosive Strength, Speed and Coordinative Measures with the Playing Ability of Football Players….Page.No-106-110

K.M.Valsaraj [Full Text PDF]

10 Effect of Exercises on Selected Physiological Variables of Adult Women….Page.No-111-117

Asish Paul [Full Text PDF]

11 Handball Injuries during Tournaments….Page.No- 118-124

Shanti Sharma, Alok Mishra, Rajesh Pawar, Shyam Mishra[Full Text PDF]

12 Fitness and Wellness for an Excellent Quality of Life….Page.No- 125-128

Atmaram Vaman Thoke [Full Text PDF]

13 Effect of Plyometric Training on Explosive Strength of Young Sportsmen….Page.No- 129-133

Mahendra Kumar Singh, Krishnakant [Full Text PDF]

14 Making IQACs Operational…Page.No- 134-143

P.K. Malik [Full Text PDF]

15 A Decade of Securitisation Act ….Page.No-144-156

P.K. Malik [Full Text PDF]

16 A Study of an Empirical Analysis Pricing Process and Supply of Milk….Page.No-157-160

Pratap Bapuso Lad [Full Text PDF]

17 Implementation of Behavior Based Safety in Oil and Gas Installation….Page.No-161-173

Suresh Kumar Singh[Full Text PDF]

18 Jewett’s The Country of the Pointed Firs: An Ecofeministic Perspective….Page.No-174-176

Balasaheb Sagade [Full Text PDF]

19 Diasporic Representations in The Final Passage….Page.No-177-180

Uday P. Shirgave[Full Text PDF]

20 An Assessment of existing Indian Legal Scenario relating to Surrogacy from the perspective of Right to Health of a Surrogate mother….Page.No-181-186

Parmod Malik [Full Text PDF]

21 ‘Warananagar’ : A Mile- Stone in Rural Development through Co-operative Movement: A Sociological Study….Page.No-187-193

Mena Devidas Gaikwad [Full Text PDF]

22 Electronic Resources in Engineering College library….Page.No-194-205

Vijaya Laxman Tambe [Full Text PDF]

23 Mixed Methods Research: The Triangulation Design….Page.No-206-209

Chandrakant Borase [Full Text PDF]

24 Impact of Mass Media on School Going Children….Page.No-210-218

Sukhwinder Kaur [Full Text PDF]

25 Women in Work force: A Capacity Building Approach….Page.No-219-223

Navleen Kaur [Full Text PDF]

26 Psychological Management of Stress in Classroom….Page.No-224-229

Haimya Gohain [Full Text PDF]

27 Varishtha Madhymik Star Ke Kala, Vidnyan, Vanijy Varg Ke Chhatr-Chhatrao Ke Vyaktitv Gunon Ka Unaki Uplabdhi Star Par Prabhav Ka Adhyayan….Page.No-230-233

Sneh Lata, Subha Vyas [Full Text PDF]

28 Trutiy Ratn : Marathitil Pahila Bahuaayami Aavishkar….Page.No-234-239

Shivdas Z Shirsath [Full Text PDF]

29 Internetvaril Marathi Bhasha : Upyojan Aani Sarjan….Page.No-240-244

Santosh Shahu Bongale [Full Text PDF]

30 Tamasha Samaj Prabodhanache Prabhavi Madhyam….Page.No-245-246

Shivaji Bhikaji Huse [Full Text PDF]

31 Gramin-Dalit Kadambari : Samarthy Aani Maryada….Page.No-247-256

Subhash Patil [Full Text PDF]

32 Ra.Na.Chavankrut Aarakshan Chalvalichi Mimansa….Page.No-257-261

Sunilkumar Kurane [Full Text PDF]

33 Shetakari Chalval V Shetkari Sanghatana….Page.No-262-263

Sunilkumar Kurane [Full Text PDF]

34 R. N. Chavan : An Eminent Satyashodhak Thinker….Page.No-264-269

Sunilkumar Kurane [Full Text PDF]