Jan 15

Vol II / Issue IV / Oct-Nov-Dec.2013

Vol II / Issue IV / Oct-Nov-Dec.2013 / ISSN 2277-727X

Total Research Papers : 19

Table of contents


Name Of The Paper


Application of Inductive Method for the Concept of Fuzzy Set and to Find Number of Truth Functions in Fuzzy Logic by Using the Concept of D-Table….Page.No-01-09

D. N. Garain[Full Text PDF]

2 Path connectedness, Compactness implies Continuity in a Path connected Complete Metric space….Page.No-10-15

Prabhat Guruprasad Dwivedi [Full Text PDF]

3 Photoluminescence Studies of Zinc Selenide Doped With Mn, Cu and Ag Phosphors….Page.No-16-19

Er. Ajay Singh [Full Text PDF]


Zooplankton Fauna of Balaji Temple Tank of Chimur City of Chandrapur District (M.S.) During Summer Season….Page.No-20-24

Shashikant R.Sitre, Mahendra G. Thakare [Full Text PDF]

5 Use of ICT in Researches of Universities – A Status Study….Page.No- 25-30

Sushma Pandey [Full Text PDF]

6 Two Modes of Interval Training And Its Impact on Plasma Cholesterol Among Young Boys….Page.No- 31-38

George Abraham [Full Text PDF]

7 Elite Athlete Fitness….Page.No- 39-43

K.M.Valsara [Full Text PDF]

8 Prevention of Weight Gain and Obesity in Adults….Page.No-44-47

K.M.Valsaraj [Full Text PDF]

9 The Effects of Mental Imagery on Athletic Performance….Page.No-48-53

Joseph Singh  [Full Text PDF]

10 Sports and Nutrition….Page.No-54-57Joseph Singh [Full Text PDF]
11 Comparison of Agility between Kho-Kho and Kabaddi Players from Hnbgu….Page.No- 58-60

Joseph Singh [Full Text PDF]

12 Selected Anthropometric Measurement and General Motor Ability to Football Playing Ability: A Relationship Study….Page.No- 61-64

Pawan Gusain [Full Text PDF]

13 Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity of Track and Field Athletes: A Comparative Study….Page.No- 65-68

Pawan Gusain, [Full Text PDF]

14 Comparison of Motor Fitness among Players of Different Games…Page.No-69-71

Pawan Gusain [Full Text PDF]

15 Deputy Channabasappa: The Real Messaiah of Kannada Language and Culture….Page.No-72-74

T. V. Adivesha [Full Text PDF]

16 Nationalism in Shokachakra of Shriranga….Page.No-75-77

T. V. Adivesha  [Full Text PDF]

17 Uttar Pradesh Ke Navoday Vidyalayo Me Adhyayanrat Vidyarthiyon Ka Vidyalaya Vyavashtha Ke Prati Drushtikon Ka Adhyayan….Page.No-78-81

Ashish Kumar Sinh[Full Text PDF]

18 Athrvavedic Prana Sukta: As the Source of Modern Scientific Consciousness….Page.No-82-86

Arvind Kumar [Full Text PDF]


Socio-Economic Status as Correlate of Academic Achievement : A Study Of Rural Government School Girls….Page.No-87-94

Satvinderpal Kaur[Full Text PDF]