Jun 15

Vol III / Issue I / Jan-Feb-Mar 2014

Vol III / Issue I / Jan-Feb-Mar 2014 / ISSN 2277-727X                                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers : 11

Table of contents


Name Of The Paper


Hydrogeochemical Investigation and Groundwater Quality Assessment of Byrapur Area, Karnataka, South India….Page.No-01-15

L. Chandra Sekhar Reddy [Full Text PDF]

2 Rainwater Harvesting and purification system….Page.No-16-22

A. K. Mahule [Full Text PDF]

3 Laboratory Level Vermiwash Production and Its Characterization….Page.No-23-26

Shashikant R.Sitre[Full Text PDF]


Cost of Environmental Contamination on Kolhapur City ….Page.No-27-55

P.S. Kamble [Full Text PDF]


Decoding Competitive Marketing Strategies….Page.No- 56-64

Dimpy Handa, Gaurav Sehrawat [Full Text PDF]

6 The Right to Speedy Trial as a Fundamental right: A Critical Approach in Indian Perspectives….Page.No- 65-72

Kalpana V. Jawale[Full Text PDF]

7 Usage of Information and Communication Technology in College Libraries….Page.No- 73-77

Vijay A. Dakhole [Full Text PDF]


Guidance Needs Of Adolescent Boys and Girls of Working and Non-Working Mothers.….Page.No-78-84

Indu Rathee [Full Text PDF]


The Effect of Structured Meditation Training Programme on Physical Distress between Males and Females….Page.No-85-89

Prashant Kumar Chauhan, Vishal Goswami[Full Text PDF]


Pada-S of Kshetrayya….Page.No-90-92

A. Anuradha [Full Text PDF]


“I will never break my journey there”- A Psychoanalysis of the Narrator’s Resignation in Ruskin Bond’s The Night Train at Deoli….Page.No- 93-95

Suchismita Sarkar[Full Text PDF]