Dec 16

Vol 06 / Issue 03 / July-Aug-Sept 2017

Vol 06 / Issue 03 / July-Aug-Sept 2017 / ISSN 2277-727X                                                                                                            

Total Research Papers : 05

Table of contents

Sr.No Name Of The Paper
1Social Intelligence in Relation to Teaching Competency among B.Ed Teacher Trainees in Cuddalore District….Page.No-01-05
R. Diane Joseph, A. Bobin[Full Text PDF]
2Projection of Self-Perception and Embodied Cognition in Augie March….Page.No-06-10  
P. Kiruthika[Full Text PDF]
3Study of Relationship between Attitude and Achievement Motivation of Badminton Nursery Players….Page.No-11-12
Bipin kumar Dubey [Full Text PDF]
4Potential Policing – Challenges and Reforms….Page.No-13-21
Simranjeet Singh Bains[Full Text PDF]
5Altering Composition of Police Force in Haryana – A Solution to Gender Violence….Page.No-22-40
Simranjeet Singh Bains [Full Text PDF]