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Vol 06 / Issue 04 / Oct-Nov-Dec 2017

Vol 06 / Issue 04 / Oct-Nov-Dec 2017 / ISSN 2277-727X                                                                                                                  

Total Research Papers : 06

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Methods of Social Work ….Page.No-01-05

Atik-ur-rahaman. S.M [Full Text PDF]

2 Scheduled Caste Women in Organised Sector….Page.No-06-11

Atik-ur-rahaman. S.M[Full Text PDF]

3 Health Status of Women in India….Page.No-12-19

Atik-ur-rahaman. S.M [Full Text PDF]

4 A Study of Creativity in Mathematics in Relation to Mathematical Anxiety among Adolescents….Page.No-20-31

Parmvir Singh[Full Text PDF]

5 Self Confidence of Senior Secondary School Students in Relation to Family Relationship….Page.No-32-35

Parmvir Singh[Full Text PDF]

6 Suicidal Deaths in Punjab with Respect to Age, Sex and Educational Status….Page.No-36-44

Simranjeet Singh Bains[Full Text PDF]