Jan 17

Vol 08 / Issue 01 / Oct-Mar 2019

Vol 08 / Issue 01 / Oct-Mar 2019 (Half Yearly) / ISSN 2277-727X                                                                                                                  

Total Research Papers : 21                                                         

Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

1 Enhancing the Skills of Interpretation of Diagrams in economic Subject….Page.No-01-13

Mugdha Sangelkar[Full Text PDF]

2 Difficulties Faced by Students in Understanding Word Problems and Translating into Algebraic Equation….Page.No-14-26

Mugdha Sangelkar[Full Text PDF]

3 Audit Quality: An Analysis….Page.No-27-30

Shivaji Raghunathrao Patode [Full Text PDF]

4 Impact of Terrorism on Human Rights: A Critical Study in Indian Perspective….Page.No-31-36

Patode S. R[Full Text PDF]

5 Indian Sensibility of Nissim Ezekiel….Page.No-37-39

Bhagwan D. Gunjalwad[Full Text PDF]

6 The New Woman in Buchi Emechata’s Novels ….Page.No-40-43

Anupama Deshraj [Full Text PDF]

7 The Midnight’s Children. : A Post-Modernist Text….Page.No-44-51

Nawal Thorat[Full Text PDF]

8 Political Interference in Police Administration….Page.No-52-55

Shivaji Raghunathrao Patode[Full Text PDF]

9 The Plight of Rohingya….Page.No-56-59

Javaid Ahmad Mir[Full Text PDF]

10 Studies on the Impact of Fingerlings Stocking on the Production of Major Carps in A Minor Reservoir….Page.No-60-65

Mane A.M [Full Text PDF]

11 Rain Water Harvesting : A Solution for Problem of Water In Urban Sector….Page.No-66-69

Mane A.M [Full Text PDF]

12 Merits and Demerits of Abrogation of Article-370….Page.No-70-72

R.G.Hingole [Full Text PDF]

13 Domestic Violence against Women and Combat Provision:  A Case Study Of Rural Urban….Page.No-73-75

Rekha G. Hingole [Full Text PDF]

14 Paryavaran Sanrakshanache Shrivadi Rajkaran….Page.No-76-77

Rekha G. Hingole [Full Text PDF]

15 Academic Libraries: Latest Trends- Opportunities and Challenges….Page.No-78-82

Bhupender Singh[Full Text PDF]

16 Role of Cooperative Banks towards the Development of Agricultural Sector in India….Page.No-83-88

Sanjeev Kumar, Shivakumar Deene[Full Text PDF]

17 Role of Factoring in Financing the MSMES in India….Page.No-89-96

Vilas Hangargi, Shivakumar Deene[Full Text PDF]

18 A Study on Historical Non-Government Organisation Perspective….Page.No-97-101

N.Perumal[Full Text PDF]

19 Two Ways of Imagining Dystopia: Nineteen Eighty Four and Brave New World….Page.No-102-112

Rekha Mathews[Full Text PDF]

20 The Bio-Diversity Assessment of Phytoplankton in Dham River….Page.No-113-116

Shashikant R.Sitre[Full Text PDF]

21 Biodiversity Assessment of Phytoplankton in a Urban Freshwater Lake of Nagpur City….Page.No-117-120

Shashikant R.Sitre[Full Text PDF]