Jun 07

Vol 09 / Issue 01 / Oct-Mar 2020

Vol 09 / Issue 01 / Oct-Mar 2020 (Half Yearly) / ISSN 2277-727X                                                                                                                  

Total Research Papers : 10


Table of contents


Name Of The Paper

1 Swami Vivekanand Ke Shaikshik Vicharon Ki Vartman Pariprekshya Me Upyogita….Page.No-01-05

Mukesh Kumar Sharma, Pramila Dubey[Full Text PDF]

2 Rashtriy Ev Aantarrashtriy Khiladiyon Ke Mansik Swasthya Ka Adhyan….Page.No-06-09

Aruna R Dogra, Mamta Gupta [Full Text PDF]

3 Bhartiy Dnyan Drushti Aaur Paryavaran….Page.No-10-14

Poonam Bhushan [Full Text PDF]

4 Concept of Mental and Physical Health and the Role of the School Counsellor in Ensuring Students well-being….Page.No-15-21

Bipasha Sinha [Full Text PDF]

5 Prasiddha Shilpkar : Suresh Kumar….Page.No-22-26

Vandana Verma [Full Text PDF]

6 Maa : Madhavikutty….Page.No-27-29

Sunitha P V [Full Text PDF]

7 Yoga and Health: Fit India Movement….Page.No-30-34

Birendra Kumar Gupta, Binayak Kumar Dubey[Full Text PDF]

8 A Study on Role of Agriculture Sector in Maharashtra….Page.No-35-41

T. D. Mahanwar[Full Text PDF]

9 Rotifer Biodiversity in Ambazari lake of Nagpur With Respect to Water Quality….Page.No-42-46

Shashikant R.Sitre[Full Text PDF]

10 Biodiversity of Birds in the College Campus and its Periphery in Bhadrawati Town of Chandrapur District during the Year 2019….Page.No-47-51

Shashikant R.Sitre[Full Text PDF]