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Vol 11 / Issue 01 / Oct-Mar 2022

Vol 11 / Issue 01 / Oct-Mar 2022 (Bi-annual) / ISSN 2277-727X                                                                                                                  

Total Research Papers : 13

Table of contents

Sr.NoName of The Research Article
1Tourism Potential in Akole Tashil….Page.No-01-06
Devidas V. Sonawane[Full Text PDF]
2New Innovative Education System – Extension Education Program Based on Local Livelihood and Work Experience….Page.No-07-15
Deepak Dnyandeo Patekar[Full Text PDF]
3For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway: A Study on Fighting for the Cause of Humanity….Page.No-16-20
Ajay R. Patalbansi[Full Text PDF]
4Denial of space in Toni Morrison’s Paradise….Page.No-21-25
Ajay R. Patalbansi[Full Text PDF]
5Dehumanization of Dalit: A Critical Study of Sharankumar Limbale’s “Akkarmashi”….Page.No-26-30
Kailas Maruti Pote[Full Text PDF]    
6Critical Commentary on the Gender Bias- Route of the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013….Page.No-31-43
Kirty Lamba[Full Text PDF]
7Indian Banking-A New Vision….Page.No-44-47
Radha[Full Text PDF]
8COVID–19 : Issues and Challenges….Page.No-48-51
Akhilesh Kumar Yadav, Santosh Kumar[Full Text PDF]
9Impact of Covid-19 pandemic lockdown on environmental scenario….Page.No-52-53
Reetu Jassal[Full Text PDF]
10Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Development in India: Key Issues and Interventions….Page.No-54-60
Waseem Saeed[Full Text PDF]
11A study of Physical Education Professionals in relation to Salary Promotional Avenues and Service Condition of Uttar Pradesh….Page.No-61-66
Anil Kumar, Punit Vajubhai Teraiya [Full Text PDF]
12The Gender Discrepancies of Achievement and Motivation in Education: A Critical Assessment….Page.No-67-74
Md Hesamuddin[Full Text PDF]
13Achievement motivation of secondary and higher secondary school students in west Bengal….Page.No-75-85
Md Hesamuddin[Full Text PDF]

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